1. How and when did the band started?
Back in the summer of 2003, Conspirator A. and I (E. Chaos) ended our previous band Nemesis Ocvlta and started with the idea and concept of Repvblika. By 2004 we invited Zeitgeist Memento to perform vocals. We also auditioned some bass and guitar players to join the band, but at the end we stayed as a 3 man band until we released the first EP Katastrof! on 2006.

2. Present the members and instrument and as well each ones favorite hobby
B.G. Ikanunna – Vocals. Favorite hobby watch animals documentaries and movies
I.O. – Guitar. Favorite hobby skateboarding
X. AK – Bass. Favorite hobby search for antique music scores
Conspirator A. – Drums. Favorite hobby box training
E. Chaos – Guitar. Favorite hobby drink & movies

3. What are the most important influences for the band?
Black metal, Avantgarde BM, also with some heavy and thrash metal sounds. Bands like DHG, Mayhem, Thorns, Satyricon, Deathspell Omega & Abigor, among others. Ideals of decadence and chaos of postmodern society, inner self and humanity’s criticism, anti-politics & anti-religion.

4. How would you describe your sound in terms of what you want to show to the world?
Chaotic with classic BM tints, without any attachments to an specific sound, experimenting with different melodic and rhythmic patterns. We like to call it musika anomala.

5. Why did you choose the genre you play?
Black metal more into avantgarde, because we’ve followed the sound and ideals of the genre since the 90s and it fits perfectly with our way of thinking, our sound and lifestyle.

6. How did the COVID-19 world crisis affected on your 2020 plans?
Since we had a change on the band’s lineup on 2019, we were going straight on a progress path with the new members, playing more live concerts promoting our last album “The Insurgent”. By the beginning of 2020 we had more plans for gigs, concerts and festivals along the year that unfortunately had to be cancelled. But I think the most important and negative effect due to the crisis was that we had to slow down with the rehearsals and compositions.

7. Which are the future plans for the band?
Keep on working on a 3-track EP that we will release on 2021 and from there we will continue to compose a new full album.

8. Tell us about Destrvktivism
It is the central song of the album, it explores the stormy condition of existence and the emptiness that the human being experiences in a radical way in life. We had a collaboration on sax with the great Norwegian musician Jorgen Mukenby (Shining) which gave the piece an avant-garde style. This song features a lyric video with footage from classic silent film tapes like “Häxan”, “The Laughing Man” and “Vampyr”.

9. How was the experience to work with your new producer?
Repvblika does not have a producer as such, we produced ourselves our music and albums. We do have, since Amerika Vendetta and now our last album The Insurgent, Mick Kenney (Annal Nathrahk) as a co-producer free to collaborate redefining the sound and some ideas if necessary on the music, as he has worked with us as a mix and master engineer. For the future productions we still haven’t defined yet if we will be working the same way or not.

10. Thanks for your time, any last words?
First of all, thanks for your interest and support to the band. Then, to our fans we really appreciate their loyalty as well as their support among all these years and changes, mainly staying strong with us and through this pandemia world crisis. We won’t fail you all releasing new material this year and a lot of merch. Hails to you all!

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