Please introduce the band members.
First of all thank you for your time and the support.
Maxx Mendoza – Vocals
Jorge Ramírez “Bori” – Bass
Ariyuki Arce – Guitar
Sergio Quintero – Guitar
Jimmy Lozano – Drums

2.- How did the name came up to make a heavy metal band?
When we were kids, one of us had a video game where a character named “Jet Jaguar”, a giant robot, fights monsters like Godzilla. The name seemed perfect for a Heavy Metal band. It is also important to mention that the jaguar is a mythical animal in the prehistory of our country and the Mayan region, which is where we come from.

3.- Due to the worldwide virus emergency, how did this affected on your band 2020 plans?

It hit us hard because we released our debut album in the summer of 2020, our original plan was to tour in many countries as possible but unfortunately COVID 19 did not allow it.

4.- Jet Jaguar…First Mexican band to win the international WACKEN METAL BATTLE, tell us your experience on that huge achievement, tell us what came next for the band after being 1st place in such an important metal contest, any plans to play in European metal festivals again?

It was an honor for us to represent our country and be able to perform at the biggest and most important metal festival in the world. After Wacken we had the opportunity to tour in Europe and play in huge festivals in Mexico like Hell and Heaven, Mexico Metal Fest and Tecate Coordenada.
We are eager to tour Europe again, we are just waiting for Covid to get the fuck out of here.

5.- What is the plan for the upcoming 2021, in case it all comes back to normal or not, does the band has something to show us?
We are working on new videos to give some promo to our latest album and we are also making new and better songs for our second album. As soon as things get back to normal we will start touring.

6.- How is the metal scene in México, do you often play around the country when its al normal?
Mexico is a great place to play, there are tons of passionate fans all over the country, and we’ve had the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest festivals here.

7.- Ever thought how the world would be without live concerts? Well this is it, Tell us what you think about the digital era, social media, and technology and how does it affects heavy metal, is it good? Bad?
Like everything in life, there are two sides of the coin. On one hand, the digital era allows music to reach anyone’s ears faster and easier no matter where they are, and that grows your fan base without touring. And on the other hand, musicians lose a lot of money with streaming services. We have to try to get the best of everything that comes in our way and keep touring and making new music no matter what.

8.- What influences your music? Does this strange times for mankind will deliver new ideas to your future music?
With each album we make, we’d like it to be a reflection of at which point we are in our careers, and in our lives. So yes, the next album is going to be heavier, angrier and “darker”. Definitely these times are changing our perspective of the world and our way of making music.

9.- How´s your local metal scene? Specially talking about Cancun where the band is from.
Cancun has great bands and has a lot of variety. We recommend Spectral Domination, Elefangs, Dreamlord and Regurgitated Divinity.
10.- Thank you very much. Any last words for your followers?
Thank you, and thanks to all the people reading this, we remain optimistic and hopefully shows will return soon. Don’t forget to check out our debut album “Endless Nights”.
11.- Social media links, band photo and contact please
Booking Europe: [email protected]
Rest of the World: [email protected]