So the tables have turned a bit. I want to get to know the people who spend countless hours
covering and writing about the bands and artists we all listen to and love. Whether, you are a
journalist,  photographer, publicist or artist, chances are you are in this industry because you are
a fan, first and foremost.

First, please tell us who you are and your role in the music industry and what´s your genre?

My names Sebastian Di Gatto and I run The Metal Gods Meltdown in the UK. And review and
Interview Heavy Metal & Hard Rock Bands Worldwide

What´s your first musical memory?
I was brought up listening to a lot of Abba ..Bleeurghh and ELO Yuck!!

Whatever your genre, what was the driving force that pushed you in that direction?
When I was 11 a friend gave me Women in Uniform single by Iron Maiden and I was hooked
to Heavy Metal and Rock

How did you first discover your genre?

For me it was a vhs tape my cousin had with videos
recorded from Much Music. (Enter Sandman, 18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild)
Iron Maiden Single “Women in Uniform” and my I got Motorhead “Iron Fist” Album for my 11th

How did it all start for you? What was your foot in the door?

I was a junior at a major rock magazine in the early nineties.
After many years out of the scene I started writing for a really poorly run and inept Metal/Rock
website and decided I could do better with my friend who was a FM DJ for a Rock Show and
started The Metal Gods Meltdown in 2010

Can you tell us about some of your successes in the music industry? What accomplishments are
you most proud of?

To many to talk of!! I think knowing David Coverdale read and loved my review of the last
Whitesnake Album and the website getting major hits daily.

So on the flip side, what have been some downfalls or setbacks that you´ve experienced?
Annoying when interviews are set up and you get a no show.

If it applies, do you have any crazy stories from the music industry you´ve experienced?
No comment !!

Do you have a certain process for what you do? Me, I do my PR  work usually with a movie on in
the background. Something to look up at every once in a while.
I listen to music nearly always!!

Do you have anything else going on in the music world? Do you play in a band, run a record
store, etc? If so, please tell us about it and give us some links to click and follow.

What words of encouragement or warnings could you give to someone looking to get into your
Its a passion and always will be for me .. Its hard work and can be very time consuming!

Is there any other words you could leave us with?
All support Heavy Metal and Rock music and give it the support it rightly deserves!

Its been fantastic getting to know more about you and i look forward to working with you more
and more in the future.